We have more than 35 years of specialized experience in supplying premium quality lubricating oils, exclusively used by the defence sector. Our products are in absolute conformation with NATO, JSD & MIL specifications and are manufactured in Middle East, Western Europe or USA. Our supplies follow MOD standards according to which they contain special anti-rust additives enabling outstanding protection against fretting and moisture corrosion.

The firm has a wide range of defence grade lubricants being offered in a variety of heavy-duty packaging. The range includes:

  1. OC Series: Compounded Oils are blends of mineral and vegetable oils only. (OC-160, OC-300, OC-600)

  2. OEP Series: Extreme Pressure Oils are gear oils containing additives which enhance their ability to withstand extreme gear tooth pressures. (OEP-30, OEP-38, OEP-70, OEP-71, OEP-80, OEP-215, OEP-220, OEP-230, OEP-240, OEP-250)

  3. OM Series: Mineral Oils are straight mineral oil or those containing additives intended to improve their performance. (OM-11, OM-12, OM-13, OM-15, OM-16, OM-17, OM-18, OM-22, OM-24, OM-33, OM-58, OM-65, OM-70, OM-71, OM-100, OM-150, OM-160, OM-170, OM-270, OM-750, OM-1300)

  4. OMD Series: Heavy Duty Engine Oils are mineral oils and synthesized hydrocarbon based lubricants containing detergent additives primarily designed for use in internal combustion engine. (OMD-23, OMD-55, OMD-90, OMD-113, OMD-140, OMD-160, OMD-162, OMD-250, OMD-330, OMD-370)

  5. OX Series: These are mineral oils and synthetic fluids based on lubricants, hydraulic fluids and damping fluids not covered by other designations and may contain water/glycol. (OX-7, OX-8, OX-9, OX-14, OX-16, OX-18, OX-20, OX-22, OX-24, OX-26, OX-27, OX-28, OX-29, OX-30, OX-38, OX-40, OX-50, OX-70, OX-72, OX-75, OX-79, OX-80, OX-85, OX-95, OX-125, OX-165, OX-300, OX-538)

  6. XG Series: Greases are made using thickeners such as those based on calcium, clay or lithium. They may be based on mineral oils, vegetable oil or synthetic fluids and can contain additives such as solid lubricants to improve their performance. (XG-235, XG-250, XG-261, XG-264, XG-269, XG-271, XG-273, XG-276, XG-279, XG-284, XG-285, XG-286, XG-287, XG-297, XG-293, XG-294, XG-300, XG-305, XG-315, XG-344, XG-380, XG-460)

  7. PX Series: Corrosion Preventives are used primarily for the prevention of corrosion in metal equipment and are easily removable. (PX-1, PX-4, PX-6, PX-7, PX-11, PX-13, PX-15, PX-19, PX-24, PX-26, PX-27, PX-28, PX-31, PX-32, PX-36)

  8. AL Series: These are fluids used for engine thrust augmentation, anti-freeze protection, de-icing, cooling or similar miscellaneous applications and are mostly water soluble. (AL-5, AL-11, AL-14, AL-20, AL-26, AL-28, AL-34, AL-36, AL-39, AL-40, AL-41, AL-48, AL-61)

  9. ZX Series: These are lubricants, damping fluids and compounds designed for specific applications. (ZX-9, ZX-13, ZX-21, ZX-24, ZX-30, ZX-34, ZX-35, ZX-36, ZX-38, ZX-40, ZX-41, ZX-42, ZX-43, ZX-44, ZX-45, ZX-46, ZX-47, ZX-48, ZX-49, ZX-50, ZX-51, ZX-52, ZX-53, ZX-54, ZX-55)

  10. OF Series: Fatty Oils are straight vegetable oils.

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