United Enterprises holds a vast experience in supplying marine lubricants to the ships calling at various sea ports of Pakistan. Being an authorized Lubricant supplier of major oil industry giants, the company provides a full range of duty-free lubricants and greases as part of its regular supplies to the ships residing at Karachi Port, Bin Qasim Port and Gwadar Port. While maintaining the standards set by its quality team, UE ensures a stable supply of premium quality products in order to facilitate performance optimization of the main engine and auxiliary system.

Our marine lubricant business contributes to the safe operation of ships crossing the oceans through providing a stable supply of high-quality product.

UE’s highly experienced lubricant’s team is available round the clock to address customer inquiries and render consultation services. We also offer make to order products/solutions to cater customized demands. Our team members provide the best consultation based on extensive research and a thorough analysis of the customer’s business.

We offer a vast range of marine products:

  1. An entire range of Marine Cylinder Lubricants for low speed engines with excellent deposit control, anti-wear properties and scuffing prevention to fulfill customer needs.

  2. System/Crankcase Lubricants for slow speed engine with outstanding thermal and oxidation stability, and detergency.

  3. Wide range of Trunk Piston Engine Oil for high and medium speed engines.

  4. Complete range of High VI and Conventional Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oils.

  5. Range of specific lubricants like Gear Oils, Turbine Oils, Refrigeration Oils, Compressors Oils, Heat Transfer Oils, Transmission Fluids, Greases, Biodegrading Oils and other Engine Oils.

Available Facilities and Packing Sizes:

  1. Lubes in Drums of 200 - 210 Ltrs.

  2. Onboard Pumping Facility.

  3. Bulk Deliveries through barge.

  4. Lube Oil Analysis Reports.

  5. Deliveries through Lorries to the vessel on berth.

  6. Delivery of lubricants to Anchor/Off Port Limits areas.


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